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April & May Drops

Ah, yes! Those magical two months in Oklahoma, when you can go outside and simply enjoy the warmth before we ramp into the four months of face-melting heat with 30 mph straight winds. It's like living in a hair dryer. Let's enjoy the time while we have it, and it's probably a good idea to go ahead and start hydrating. 

The Staples

Ah, the "Staple Line Up" – the candles you love, the scents you crave, and the fragrances we simply can't risk taking away (we've seen your pitchforks, and we're not messing with that). These are the ol' faithfuls, the tried-and-trues, the ones that would cause a full-blown riot if we dared to discontinue them. Trust us, we've considered witness protection just thinking about it. Our Staple Line Up is like the greatest hits album of candles, always in stock and always ready to rock your olfactory world. They're the classics, the legends, the candles that have earned their place on your mantle, in your bathroom, or wherever you light things up (no judgment here). From the sweet to the spicy, the calming to the invigorating, these scents are the ones you've come back to time and time again. They've seen you through dinner parties, bubble baths, power outages, and those "I-just-need-five-minutes-of-peace" moments. So go ahead, indulge in your favorites, knowing that we wouldn't dare take them away. The Staple Line Up is here to stay, and we've got the barricades ready just in case. Enjoy the scents that have become a part of your life, and remember, we're keeping them in stock for you – and for our own safety.

House Guests

Introducing the "House Guests" collection – the candle scents that are like those beloved friends and family members you're thrilled to host... but only for a limited time. You know the ones; they arrive with fanfare, fill your home with laughter, and then, after about a month, make you long for the days when wearing pants was optional. ​These scents are the life of the party, the toast of the town, the ones that make your home feel alive and vibrant. But just like those house guests who overstay their welcome, these fragrances know when it's time to pack up and move on. They're seasonal, they're special, and they're only around for a short while. ​The "House Guests" collection is a tribute to those we love, those we tolerate, and those we can't wait to send on their way. Light them up to celebrate the arrival, and blow them out when it's time to hint that the guest room is needed for... other things. ​So go ahead, invite these scents into your home, enjoy their company, and then kindly show them the door when you've had enough. After all, a little piece of you dies when you have to wear pants for too long, and we wouldn't want that, now would we?

You're Still Here?

Ah, the "Oh, You're Still Here?" line—because nothing says "I'm fashionably late to the party" like a Pumpkin Spice Latte candle in April. These are the candles that didn't get the memo, the ones that overstayed their welcome but are too charming to kick out. Kind of like that one friend who crashes on your couch and suddenly it's been three weeks. ​Why You Might Want These (No Judgment): Nostalgia Overload: Miss the smell of Christmas trees in July? We've got you covered. It's like throwing a #ThrowbackThursday for your nostrils. Limited Edition, Unlimited Regret: These candles are the last of their kind, making them collector's items. Or evidence of your questionable life choices. Your call. Scent-sational Irony: Light up a "Beach Day" candle during a snowstorm and revel in the delicious irony. It's like a little inside joke between you and your senses. Discounted for Your Discomfort: Since they're out of season, we've slashed the prices. It's the perfect gift for that person you're obligated to buy for but don't really like. Conversation Starters: Nothing gets people talking like a misplaced scent. "Is that a 'Spring Blossom' I smell? It's November, Karen." ​The Nitty-Gritty: Burn Time: Long enough for you to question your life choices. Ingredients: 100% organic wax, fragrance oils, and a dash of sass. Packaging: Comes in a box as confused as the candle itself. Is it winter-themed? Is it tropical? Who knows! So go ahead, add an "Oh, You're Still Here?" candle to your cart. It's the perfect way to say, "I'm not like other candle enthusiasts; I'm a cool candle enthusiast." Warning: May cause existential crises and/or excessive eye-rolling. Enjoy responsibly.

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